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Okay. So since we’re nearing Halloween (or more favorably called Samhain by the legions of neo-pagans)–all the comments about the Burning Times and witch persecution throughout history are rampant and cropping up ever more all over the internet. Which of course, leads to all the cries about persecution and how awful Christians are for having […]

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Learning about the customs/proverbs/beliefs of the area where my ancestors are from.

Rodrigo M. Sicat

Tarlac is a landlocked province in Luzon with Tarlac City as its capital. It is considered as the first melting pot in Central Luzon if not in the entire archipelago.

 As such, the province enormously thrives with varieties of cultures, which is why, the culture is predominantly a chemistry of Kapampangan, Ilokano, Pangasinense and Tagalog. The blend is largely due to its history and geographical borderlines.   

 It is a province colored with merry people and languages. As border languages speakers, the usage of the verbal and written language today may seem not to be as puritan as that of the pioneering settlers, yet, are instinctively spoken by the contemporary Tarlakenos.

 Corollary, classical culture vis-à-vis mores, norms, knowledge, customs and traditions are still evident. The following are cultural examples that are germane among the people these days:  

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Back on 02/17/2020 Maya Margit reported that archaeologists had unearthed a 3,000 year old temple to the Canaanite God Rešeph: Led by Prof. Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Prof. Michael Hasel of Southern Adventist University in Tennessee, the team published their findings in the Levant journal last month following years of […]

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A worthy cause during these times. Online pagans/polytheists, consider contributing if you can!

Gangleri's Grove

Our world right now is revolving around the developing global-impact story of Covid-19. This is an unprecedented event. In times of stress, it is only natural that we turn to our Gods. Awareness of Their blessings can help us get through the next few weeks, likely to be trying, of quarantine and social distancing–the measures on travel bans, schools and businesses closing or shifting to telecommunications is all about two things: curtailing the spread to protect the most vulnerable in our community, and to slow the spread so we don’t overwhelm our medical services.

To bring a bit of light in a time of anxiety for so many, I thought to give away some prayer card sets for the healing deities, and thought the requirements of the giveaway would be to actually create prayers, artwork, or music to the healing deities from our various polytheistic traditions. It seemed fitting, and…

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Remember them in your prayers

Something to remember during these “Interesting Times”.

The House of Vines

reshephTurningTides wrote:

Thank you for this prayer to Lord Reshep! May He aid those who wade in front of this pandemic tide–the health care workers, the doctors who must see those already suffering with symptoms and/or fear. For this pandemic is affecting all of us, so may we learn what tools we need to make, so that we come out of this time prepared to live closer on the Gods’ paths for us.

To which I responded: 

Beautifully said. And I think during this we especially need to be praying for the doctors, nurses and EMTs who aren’t just putting their lives at risk to help us all, but their psychological well-being too from witnessing both what this is doing to their patients, and to their colleagues.

May Rešeph, Ešmoun, Nintinugga, Sekhmet, Anāhitā, Kamrušepa, Yahweh, Babalu Aye, Sukunabhikona-no-Kami, Parṇaśabarī, Sheetala Devi, Apollon, Asklepios, Hygeia, Eir, Živena and all of the…

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‘Ashuru Shamni – Festival of Oil

Linked to my pagan tumblr. I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple years, but been making my daily offerings to the Iluma in the mean time. So, keeping tabs of my work with the Iluma on tumblr and now here. Continue reading

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Making Smudge Sticks from Homegrown Plants and Wildharvested Materials: Step by Step Instructions with Cedar, Rosemary, Sage, Mugwort, and More!

DIY smoke purification bundles. A way to introduce yourself to the land around you if you haven’t already (or need to reintroduce/renew those ties with the Land, like I need to). Useful information!

The Druid's Garden

I recently posted about my research on Eastern White Cedar, and I wanted to follow-up that post with information on making smudge sticks, inspired by Eastern White Cedar. Smudge sticks are bundles of herbs that are dried and burned for purification and ceremonial uses. They come out of Native American traditions, but today they are broadly used by many for their purification purposes.  I use them as a druid in my ceremonies, to bless and cleanse my house, to cleanse outdoor spaces that are in some kind of energetic funk.  But I also use them practically–as a blessing for my garden at the start of the growing season, as a way to remove hostile energies from my chickens who aren’t getting along, or to pass among friends before sharing a meal.  They are a great way to bring a bit of ceremony and the sacred into the everyday.

Freshly Wrapped Smudges Freshly Wrapped…

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Near East prayer: Assyrian Prayer for the Dying

Bind the sick man to Heaven, for from Earth he is being torn away! Of the brave man who was so strong, his strength has departed. Of the righteous servant, the force does not return, In his bodily frame he lies dangerously ill. But Ishtar, who in her dwelling, is grieved concerning him, descends from […]

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MOUNTAIN TOWNS. For most travelers, a trip to Ifugao starts and ends in Banaue Rice Terraces. View decks that offer a panoramic vista of the ancient staircased rice paddies are heavy with tourists all year round. Like most travelers, I’ve been to most of tourist spots in Ifugao during my first time in the Cordilleras. […]

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