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Looking for Pagans in Seattle


One thing about being an Eclectic/Christopagan is not having a Pagan (usually Wiccan) community to visit.  Seattle and the surrounding cities actually have various Pagan/Wiccan/Eclectic groups practicing and meeting all year long.  There’s been at least one obstacle that I see and say “Nope, can’t do it.”

1. Too Far Away!  I have a little car that can get me between work and back.  It’s 12 years old and on its last legs, but it works for me.  Many of the events are actually held out in nature…which unfortunately, is not so much in downtown Seattle.  It would be cool to go to a weekend ritual held by Our Lady of the Earth and Sky in Redmond but not so great if my car breaks down there, which is way out of my way. Because…

2. I’m Still in the Broom Closet.  I’m already in one too many closets as it is.  My family doesn’t like it when anyone rocks the boat–socially, politically or ye gods, spiritually.  Opposition is ferocious.  For a long time, they thought the only religions in the world were Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Because anything else is clearly satanism…right…

3.  Strangers or Family?  The groups I’ve researched around the Puget Sound area seem to be very close, and not really set up for seekers that are testing out the spiritual waters.  From attending the beginner’s classes in Wicca, they are very friendly. It just seems that I don’t have the time to visit and study with them…

…Of course, these are just as much excuses as they are reasons.  If I really wanted to get more involved, I would find a way.  (Other than the car issue, there is ALWAYS a way.) It’s just getting the nerve up to do so that holds me back.

Speaking of pagan community, there’s been more activity to connect and network WA state’s pagans together.  The local pagan store, Edge of the Circle Books, is hosting the beginner’s classes about Wicca again this month.  There’s also the Puget Sound Pagan Resource Guide that went live online a few weeks ago.

I want to make this year different.  If I’m gonna make it count, I need to make the choices that show it matters to me…

4 thoughts on “Looking for Pagans in Seattle

  1. In Seattle itself (Seattle Center, to be specific) this coming weekend is the Esoteric Book Conference. While it’s more a thing that ceremonial magic(k)ians and occultists do, there’s also loads of pagans of other sorts who go to it, including myself and several other local polytheists from around the area. The book fair itself is free, but the presentations/lectures cost money; but, if you come to the book fair, it’s a great place to look at awesome books (and get discounts on some of them!), and to also meet and hang out with people. If you’d be able to do that and want to meet up, let me know!

    • Hello P. Sufenas Virius Lupas! (I checked your wordpress :))

      Thank you for your kind suggestion! I’d forgotten that the Esoteric Book Conference was in town this weekend. Normally I just ignore it because the price for a workshop (and many books) are too far in the stratosphere for my wallet. However, the free book fair and mingling with other polytheists sounds fun! If Saturday is open for you, meeting up sounds great!

      • Very good! Perhaps write me a private e-mail (aediculaantinoi [at] hotmail [dot] com) and we can work out the exact details!

        If you like any of the books of Inner Traditions publishing company, they do have a good booth at the book fair, and fairly good discounts, too–they’re among the more reasonably-priced books available at the event.

      • Hello again! I’ll be sending you an email shortly. Mind not the late hour >.>; I’m looking forward to meeting :).

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