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Where am I?


I wonder if it’s just the nature of April and May, for these months have always been the busiest for me.  Perhaps that makes sense, since I work for a school district.  For almost two  months I was waking up at 5 a.m. to be at work by 6:30 am, which only proved to me that I am not a morning person!  I was also getting paid a lot more money that I normally earn as a para-educator, so I made those 6:30 mornings.

Now, I’m asleep by 11pm and find waking up at 7 a.m. to be “late”…even if I have nowhere to go. 😀

In the midst of that work, my blogging/writing and devotions fell hard by the wayside.  The Pagan Blog Project is on the letter L. The letter I last worked on was C for cleromancy,  yikes.  The guilt of not praying and putting offerings to the ‘Iluma kept chewing on me.  I finally went to my notebook, and wrote out that these offerings have to be relatively easy for me to do; they must not draw undue attention (because my family is Catholic, and would pack me off to the next church meeting they could find); must be easy to dispose off; and be a resource I can get consistently.

This winnowed down my choices to two: incense and olive oil!  I’ve been doing this new schedule for about 2 weeks, and so far it seems to have been accepted by the ‘Iluma. I think this is so because the very first morning I gave an offering of olive oil, the teacher I worked with for that day actually stopped to tell me, “You should get back into teaching.”  Seriously! Perhaps the teacher always thought this, or meant to tell me some time in the future, when the class wasn’t so hectic.  But, there it was, a signpost that may possibly(?) be pointing toward a career, not just a job.  Actually getting on that track is another story…

So I’ve been getting my ‘pagan fix’ by doing lots of small things.   From reading on Sannion and Lupus‘s blogs, the Polytheistic Leadership Conference sounds amazing, and it’s happening on my birthday no less <3.  Making small, daily offerings to the Canaanite deities.  I’ve also got projects in mind:

-creating prayer beads for the gods to use as a devotional object

-making a small symbol (the kappu) to bless my car (much like Catholics  hang rosaries on their rear-view mirror)

-and possibly one to wear discreetly all year

-make anointing oil to cleanse myself of khat’sa

-write new prayers/UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) for the ‘Iluma

-meditation with the Phoenician alphabet runes I made a few months ago; if I don’t connect with them, I’ll have to put them aside and try a different system.  Then again, I don’t know if divination is my strength, compared to writing and making stuff with beads.

May the Gods bless you on your path! Shalamu.



3 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. 🙂 Sometimes the ‘little things’ are exactly what is needed. I actually have a bible on my shrine as you can see in my picture of my office – they don’t seem put off by it. I read Psalm 29 – one of the nature psalms that is def a throwback of sorts to Baal. And Psaln 104 really feels like El to me. So much of El is hidden within the OT that i find if I just have it open at psalm 29, and read this while lighting candles, or holding the shell beads in my hand — i feel the connection.
    Your prayer beads, may I ask where you are getting the design from? I would love to join in on a cyber project 😀

    • I did indeed see it! It still blows my mind to see the parallelism in the Psalms and other parts of the Bible. I will study those two Psalms you mentioned, it’s great to find out more perspectives that I could easily miss!

      For right now, I’m letting my design hover somewhere between the four-seven patterned prayer beads for Ilu in the book “Anointed: A Devotional Anthology for the Deities of the Near and Middle East” and the Catholic rosary. I have some ideas of using a blend of epithets (example: “El, the Kindly, the Compassionate”, parallelism from the mythology, and a bit of my own writing to make a set pattern of prayers devoted to Them. (I am definitely going to scour the Bible for more now!)

      It’d be awesome to cyber-collaborate! 🙂

      Thank you for reading! Shalamu.

      • El, the Kindly, the Compassionate — that sums up so much of how I see El/Ilu – i recall seeing this specific aspect of God in the bible – Merciful, Gracious, Benevolent — and then there was that Judging, Commanding God… and now -even if the writers didn’t see it or know it (though in many instances they did) – I can see that indeed they WERE two Gods. Yahweh/Ilu — anyhow I guess I should get that book, ‘Anointed’ . I want to kick up my personal practice.
        Sidenote for passages: A phrase to Ilu when I put concerns to Him, oft with honey in a dish- “Your decree,El, is wise, your wisdom is everlasting.” and as I put fresh roses in a vase – “For Lady Athirat of the Sea, a gift for the Creatress of the Gods” ~ enjoying this new journey. 🙂

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