Palms of Our Hands

A Polytheist's Blog


This blog was started for me to keep up with the Pagan Blog Project.  I’m an Asian-American spiritual sojourner.  Roman Catholicism has been my spiritual first home, yet I am certain of the spirituality and reality of other religions and traditions.  Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism…time and again I feel drawn toward those other Paths.

This journey may never end.  As long as I can look back on where I’ve been, then I’m okay with moving forward.

M. (aka TurningTides)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice blog 🙂 Having a quick scan around I can say that I’m very interested to hear more about your beliefs and practices.

    • Thank you for reading! Sorry about the late reply, WP was hiding this one somehow. I update when I can, but I am glad if something I write has value to a reader. I’m hopefully going to be learning and practicing spirituality (of any/many) stripes in the future.

      Good luck and blessings on your path and ventures (both online and off). 😀

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