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I hope this page will always be growing.  May we never stop learning from each other. 🙂

Canaanite/Natib Qadish

Canaan Is Here (Canaanite polytheist blog in Hebrew)

Book of Wisdom for a Canaanite Recon (the author also has a wordpress version, though it’s not as detailed so far.)

Canaanite Path: Resource page by Tess Dawson. She has been the most visible authority of the revived Canaanite polytheism in the last several years. A good place for learning about the gods.
Kina’ani: Tess Dawson’s blog. Good place to follow her for general day-to-day reflections.

Qadash Kinahnu: A large Phoenician-Canaanite polytheism website run by Lili Bint-Anat. Her site has been up for a long time (1997!), and is a great place for symbols, rituals and the what and whys behind them. I like to refer to this site as a place for examples of ritual and writing my own. Highly recommended!

The Phoenician Sacred Letters: Divine Writing for Meditation and Divination by David Myriad.  Very amazing site! Referencing Ancient Near East (ANE) mythology and motifs, he has put together a divination system much as the Norse runes have/are being used.  Not ancient by any stretch, but certainly creative!

Phoencian Runes: Another webpage using the Phoenician alphabet as runes.  Note that the meanings here are different from David Myriad’s page.  It’s up to us readers to take all information into account and develop one’s own meanings with the runes.



The House of Vines
Under Two Trees

Philippine/Filipino Polytheism and Spiritualities

Anito Anum – Tumblr of Urban Anito (whose Wiki page was sadly closed by Wikispaces).
Anitou – Another tumblr about Philippine/Filipino Reconstruction and Polytheism
Austro-nesian – Tumblr related to Akoykayumanggi
Mysterio delas Filipinas – A website on Filipino Kulam, which may be based upon Wicca, but have more of its sources derived from Philippine spirituality and culture
We Are Pagans of Color – Akoykayumanggi
Pinoy-Culture on Tumblr
Under Two Trees


Terra Spiritus


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